fredag 22 augusti 2014

Meribel World Cup #7, Qualifying

We are here in Méribel, France, for the final world cup of the season. The track here is new to the world cup circuit and it is steep, fast and has a lot of roots.

Robin and Niklas had an okay practice session this morning, but Marcus had a freak accident on his last run where a pole hit his thumb. After a few hours with the medics the verdict was two fractures in his right thumb. He will not race this weekend, and will use this time to rest up and try to come back strong for the World Championchips in two weeks time.

Robin was our first man of the start, he had a pretty good run according to the clock but not according to Robin. He put in a 33rd place run, with things to improve on which is a good position to be in for tomorrow.

Niklas was next, he had an okay run to finish in 68th place. He has a few things to dial in for tomorrow, but was satisfied to qualify on a type of track he usually doesn't do well on.

So tomorrow is the finals, and as usual you can watch the race live on

Check back after the race for a final report, it might come a bit later than usual as we will start the drive home to Sweden directly after the race.

måndag 18 augusti 2014

Press Release, World Championships

We are very happy and proud to announce that the whole team will get the chance to represent Sweden at this years world championship in Hafjell, Norway.
This is probably the closest we will get to experience a world championship on home soil, and a lot of friends and family will be there. It's no secret that this has been the main goal ever since we heard that the biggest race of the season was going to be held this close to home, and we know we're going to enjoy every second of it.

The Swedish national team will consist of seven downhill riders, four in elite men, two junior men and one women. Robin and Niklas are two of the elite men representatives, Marcus is of course one of the juniors and Leo will, together with the teams previous mechanic and long time friend Erik Källström be wrenching for the whole national team.

"I have been focused on this race ever since it came up on the schedule and i am super stoked it is finally going to happen. I feel fit and healthy and i know i can perform well on that track so lets do this." -Robin Wallner

"I can´t be more excited to do my first World champ and to do it in Hafjell makes it even more special. Ever since I got to know that worlds were going to be in hafjell I have had it on my mind nearly 24/7. It has been my dream and goal for the last 2 years to get there."- Marcus Hansson 

"Hafjell is special for me, I´ve got my best ever world cup result there, I love the track and no matter how bad this season has been with injuries and stuff I´m 100% focus and ready to give it my all in Hafjell." - Niklas Wallner

söndag 17 augusti 2014

Pila European cup #6, Finals

Sunday, raceday here in Pila. Once again we woke up to clear skies and close to freezing temperatures. The morning practice session was pretty standard, the guys put in 3 runs each and everything ran according to plan.

After a lunch back at the appartment and some downtime Niklas headed up to the start. Again he didn't quite find the speed he knows he has in him and put in a time of 4:05;737 which would result in a 12th place finish.
"Well with a couple of misstakes and not feeling very comfortable I tried my best and 12th place was the best I could do." 

Marcus has really started to find his stride lately and after a good qualifying yesterday he was looking to continue to put in a good ride again today. He started just a handfull riders after his team mate and 4:06:270 later he crossed the finish line. This ended him in 14th place in elite and fastest junior, a solid result and he hopes to bring this momentum into the world cup finals next week and the world championships two weeks after that.

- I´m super pumped to crack the top 15. My run went really well. I felt smooth and I didn´t push more than necessary. I didn´t think I would end up as high up in the results as i did but now it really feels like I have found the speed for the remaining races.

Once again Robin was one of the last guys at the start. He started solid and was fastest at the split with a 1.53, unfortunatly he slid out in a turn further down and the run was lost. In the end he ended up in 46th place, dissapointing considering what could have been but that's racing.

-I really like the track here in Pila and i felt that i could do well here, even if i haven´t been feeling 100% comfortable lately it was clicking a bit better in the run today. The speed is there but i need to find a bit of piece of mind and a better feeling heading into Hafjell.

Full results can be found here

lördag 16 augusti 2014

Pila European Cup #6, Qualifying

After Windham we headed for a quick visit in New York City and then flew straight to Milano. The plan was to get of the plane and drive straigt up to Pila. Unfortunately someone at the airport heard Miami instead of Milano, so Robin found himself without any clothes. We stayed the night in Milano in hopes of getting the bag the day after, but no luck. We drove up to Pila and a few days later the bag arrived. The rest of the team got to put a few runs in on the awesome tracks here in the bike park during the week.  

Yesterday practice started and all the guys enjoyed a good day on a fun track. Robin and Niklas was requested to do the IXS Course check. You can see Robin following his brother down the track while commentating at the same time, here below.

Since we are at about 1800m of elevation here the temperatures isn't what you would imagine the Italian summer would be like. This morning was no different, the guys headed out for practice with the thermometer showing 5 degrees celsius. The team had a decent practice and felt as ready for qualifying as you can on a track like this.

Marcus started first and managed to swing his mood around from a crash in practice and put a good run in. Marcus ended up in 29th place overall and is happy to place well in the elite class.

About 20 minutes later Niklas left the start gate. He struggled to find the flow and had some minor issues with the bike, on top of this he cought up to the rider in front of him and had to pass him. This lead to a 37th place run upon which Niklas looks to improve on tomorrow.

Robin started 4th to last and opened with a good first wood section but made some mistakes further down, which in the end turned the run from alright to pretty messy. Robin would end the day in 7th place, which is a decent position to be in for tommorow as he definately can improve on that run. 

As stated, the finals take place tomorrow. You can follow the racing on the IXS live timing, and come back here later for a race report.

lördag 9 augusti 2014

Windham World cup #6, Finals

So the race is done here in Windham. Just like always the day started with practice for marcus 08:30-10:00, followed by Robin and Niklas session 10:15-11:45. Marcus did 3 runs and felt better and better. Niklas had an okay practice while Robin struggled a bit with 2 punctures in 3 runs.

After a simple lunch in the pit Marcus headed up for his final run, he would start early in his class and was expected to take the hotseat. Marcus was the 3rd first rider on the course and put in a solid run to claim the hotseat as expected, in the end he would be knocked out after a couple of riders and ended up in 13th place. A solid result for him and he described his run as "I just had a good run, found the flow early and held my speed, tried to ride smooth and didn't really make any mistakes. I would've loved to be top 10 again, but with a run like this where the times are this close, you can't really complain can you?".

After a minor course hold during the womens race Niklas started his race run a couple of minutes after 2 o'clock. Niklas wasn't exactly on his dream run, but didn't do any major mistakes either, he ended up in 64th place.

Robin started about 20 minutes after Niklas but pretty much had the same experience. He ended up in 58th place. Not a good day for the Wallner brothers, hopefully they can sort out their struggles and get back up to speed these last races back in europe.

Full results from this weekends race can be found here.

We fly back to Europe on monday to hit up the European Cup in Pila, Italy before the World Cup finals in Meribel, France. So check back next week!

fredag 8 augusti 2014

Windham World cup #6, Qualifying

Today was qualifying here in America, as expected the times were unbelivebly close on the fast and dry track. The morning practice session was pretty standard and they guys felt like they were ready for qualifying.

Marcus got a slow puncture early in his run which troubled him a bit, fortunatly he had just enough air to finish his run. At the bottom he had to stand and watch nervously until the last rider crossed the line and he could confirm he was in 28th place. This means he gets to ride tomorrow as 30 of the juniors qualify. 

Robin had start number 54 and headed out almost two hours after Marcus. Robin had a few mistakes and pretty much equaled his time from yesterdays timed practice, not a run to write home about with other words, but it resulted in a 51st place so he gets to improve on the tomorrow. 

Niklas started about fourty riders after Robin, he said he felt a bit unfocused and made too many small mistakes. Just like Marcus he had a bit of a nail biter moment at the bottom as he had about 50 riders left to go after him and the times were incredibly tight. In the end he qualified in 72nd place just 12 seconds back.

Despite some struggles, all the guys are in the finals for tomorrow, and everyone is keen to improve their results. As usual the race will be streamed live by Red Bull, so go ahead and watch the broadcast and check out the blog after the race for a full report from us!

torsdag 7 augusti 2014

Windham World cup #6, Thursday Practice

We arrived here in Windham on Tuesday after a visit in Lake Placid and Whiteface bike park between the races. Yesterday we had a mellow day with registration and trackwalk, at least until a bear decided to show up at the front porch in the evening. This isn't really a super difficult track in its own, it has few line choices and little to really separate the riders. It isn't very long either so the times will be really close and that means you pretty much can't make any mistakes.

Today was the first day of riding on the track, and as usual Marcus together with the rest of the juniors and the women set out first. Due to the short riding time you could put in more runs than you normally do on other tracks. As expected Marcus learned the track early and had a pretty trouble free practice session, he feels good for tomorrow and hopes he can minimize any mistakes.

The elite mens practice session starts before the junior practice ends so the whole team got to do a couple of laps before Marcus was done, which is always nice. Niklas and Robin had a smooth day of practice and enjoyed riding the track, but looks to go more in a faster than enjoyable pace tomorrow for qualifying.

Robin rode timed practice again and put in a 39th place run less than 8s off, so even if this is just timed practice the times are super close.

Just like last weekend the qualifying will be held tomorrow and the finals on Saturday due to the XCO finals on Sunday. For you people back home in Europe the update will probably air Saturday morning, but for the rest of you, check back tomorrow.