onsdagen den 2:e april 2014


Hi everyone!

We have been pretty bad on updating here, sorry for that.

It hs been pretty busy days getting the bikes, car and race kits ready for the season.

This last couple of weeks we have been starting to get some downhill riding done. We spent 4 days with the national team in San Remo in Italy. That was the first "real" days on the Demo 8 and I think I´m speaking for the whole team when I say that the bike feels amazing. 

4 days was maybe a bit short for a training camp but it was enough to work on the basic settings for the bike.

After that we spend two weeks at home working a bit and as of right now I´m spending a week with Roost DH in Malaga with Marcus, Robin is also in Malaga but he is busy working as a coach for the swedish mountainbike gymnasium. 


We got another month or so until the first race of the season so it´s time to really get as much riding in as possible.
Hopefully we can have a small edit out as well at the beginning of May.

To se what we do on a daily bases make sure you follow Marcus, me and Robin on Istagram or twitter.


måndagen den 24:e februari 2014

20 days in California

Hi everyone!
We were lucky enough to get to escape the worst and darkest part of the Swedish winter and head over to California for a few weeks to get to do some training without any snow. 
It was a great time both on and of the bikes with moto-action, supercross and a visit to the Specialized HQ. 
Some of it got caught on tape so we managed to get this edit together that hopefully can help you get through the rest of your winter! 
Big thanks to everyone that made this trip possible!

20 days in California with Wallner brothers and Marcus Hansson a Mountain Biking video by lillwallner

Cat Stevens- peace train
The facer- king of expectation

fredagen den 17:e januari 2014

Team W-racing joins Öhlins Suspension and Specialized bicycles

Team W-racing 2014 line-up
We are very happy to announce our plans for WallnerBrothers-racing for the upcoming season!
The big and most exciting news is that we have partnered with Öhlins suspension and Specialized bicycles.
W-racing will serve as R&D and development-team to Öhlins and we are very happy to be fortunate enough to be a part of this project.
For us it means that we will have the best tools for the job out there.

"Öhlins Racing AB are very excited to take yet another step into the MTB DH world.
W- Racing will be a valued partner for us during the 2014 season and will play a key role in further development and testing of our MTB DH products.
This partnership will also provide our R&D team invaluable feedback for future product developments in this segment.
We wish W-Racing a successful season 2014."- Torkel Sintorn Mng Offroad and MTB R&D

This came as very welcome news after one of the rougher seasons in terms of material for our team.
To be in this postition, on an already competetive bikes and backed up with a motivated crew of engineers working together with us to make the bikes even better is simply amazing for us.

We are also very happy to welcome Hanssonbil/Peugeot back together with other long-term partners of our program.

Our focus will be mainly on downhill with World championships in Norway as the goal of the season. 
Our schedule will also concist of selected enduro-races and other events around europe.

"-We have been riding the new bikes for a little bit and even in the freezing conditions up north it feels like switching up to a Ferrari"-Says Niklas

Niklas ended 2013 with his best ever world cup results with a 16th in Hafjell-Norway and a 25th place qualifier in Leogang so he looks forward to carrying his momentum into 2014.

"-I am so happy to be given the chance to ride bikes like this and getting to work with such great and professional people. I feel like this has given new motivation and a drive to make the most out of the opportunity as possible. I look forward to rolling into the startgate with one hundred percent confidence in my bike and equipment!"-Says Robin

Back for 2014 is junior rider Marcus Hansson. Having ended his season earlie in 2013 by breaking his pelvis while training for the World cup in Norway. He is now back and looking at Hafjell World
championships as his goal for 2014.

"-I learned so much from Robin and Niklas last year and with a bit of experience, great bikes and a healthy body i feel ready for the season to start off!"

Be sure to check in at teamwracing.blogspot.com for the latest news, videos and photos during the season!

A big thank you to all the team sponsors for making it happen and giving us the chance to go racing at the highest level.

onsdagen den 30:e oktober 2013

2013 highs & lows

We would like to take a bit of time to look back and sum-up the season and what a year it has been.

Starting out in februari with our first get-togther building new bikes, getting wild in the jumps and everyone just so eager for the season to start of.


We got to film together with Simon Sjören & his http://www.helikoptermedia.se/ he made it in our opinion one of the best edits we have yet published.

In case you haven´t seen it go & have a look:

Team W-Racing Winter Biking in Åre from Fotograf Simon Sjörén on Vimeo.

On from there we loaded up our brand new Peugeot Boxer (thanks to Hanssonbil/Peugeot) and headed for southern Europe.

We got in a week of riding and training in San romolo-Italy with smiles and fun

Both dh & enduro was on:

But the week ended (skip the last run of the day kids) with a visit to the hospital and a broken wrist for Marcus.
This meant an earlie flight home for him with only me & Niklas going to the first race of the season in Barcelona...

This was one of the bigger lows of the season when we got 3 bikes, cameras and a lot of things stolen out of the van in bright daylight outside of the hotel.

Luckely for Robin he could borrow Marcus bike and piloted it to our first podium of the season with a 2nd place.

Bild: After a Hellish week Robin Wallner managed a second place with Niklas in 10th.

It was busy days trying to get the missing bikes back first of all wich never seemed likely and didn´t happen...It is still out there somewhere and anyone that finds it will be offered a reward!

Our video-projects had to be put on hold for a while as all of the camera-equipment went missing but we kept busy with ridingclinics, dh-racing and our first few enduro-races!

The first two wc-races became a bit of a dissapointment to the whole crew with Marcus back from injury not at full speed, Niklas not quite up to pace and Robin with a crash in Fort william and then a flat in Val di sole.


Team W-racing.se Episode 3 2013 a Mountain Biking video by lillwallner

When the European cup headed to Czech republic & Spicak Robin put together one of the best runs of the season claiming the teams first win by over 4 seconds in front of riders like Marcus Pekoll & Johannes Fischbach.

Robin is most likely looking back at this as one of his highs of the season showing raw speed.
Race highlights:

We had  short brake from racing in July where Niklas found time to both train and work on a video-idea he had been thinking of for a while with Robin.

Check it out at:

Reload with Robin Wallner a Mountain Biking video by lillwallner

Robin also picked up a enduro-win on home soil during the Åre bike festival:

We headed out to Canada and Niklas was back in shape with a 40th in qulifying, Marcus 12th in juniors & Robin 24th.
It never clicked in the finals with both Robin & Marcus puncturing & Niklas coming of with a 60th. But somehow this race was where the whole crew got a bit of confidence back.

World champs however was a dissapointment for everyone, firstly since only Robin got selected by the federation to go.
He was well prepared for this race with bigger wheels on and fresh legs but maybe a bit effected missing his teammates, he ended up crashing with a dissapointing 37th place.

Meanwhile back home Marcus went training in Hafjell-Norway to prepare for the world cup there but he ended up in hospital with a broken pelvis wich was another low-point for him and the Whole Team.


The world cup in Hafjell was the race of the season for us and the race that all of us had pinpointed as the goal of the season. Especially with world champs being held there next year and the potential shown last year.
Robin made it into a 13th in qulifying and with Niklas qualifying despite a double flat it was already a succesfull weekend after qualifying.

In the horrible conditions in the finals Niklas finally did what everyone has been waiting for with his best ever WC-result by miles with a 16th place.

Even though Robin came of twice in the finals this was by far the best overall wc-result for the team this season with Robin in 24th place.

Excited Niklas went on to qualifying in 25th the following weekend in Leogang showing it was not a one time thing. Expect to see him back up there in 2014.

Final race of the season was national championships in the middle of Stockholm where Robin & Niklas went head to head for the title.

In the end Robin picked up another National champs-jersey with Niklas close in 3rd spot.

We look back at a very memorable year for many reasons and head into winter motivated as ever to be back as a competetive team for 2014.


Team W-racing.se Episode 4 2013 a Mountain Biking video by lillwallner

A big thank you to all friends & partners who made this year possible!

Team W-racing.se

onsdagen den 16:e oktober 2013

Team W-racing.se Episode 4 2013

Team W-racing.se Episode 4 2013 a Mountain Biking video by lillwallner

Well, the off season has just started, Robin and Niklas decided to do some push-biking in Gesunda, Sweden.
The Autum in Sweden is usually very wet but this year the conditions has been really good and why not take the oppertunity and ride some more downhill before the snow comes.
This is our last proper edit of the season so hope you all enjoy it.

måndagen den 14:e oktober 2013

Swedish champs- Stockholm

Last minute it was decided that the Swedish champs would actually happen this year (it was cancelled back in june).

The venue was a tiny hill called Hammarbybacken in central Stockholm but the organisers had done a great job making the most out of it and the track was well appreciated by all the riders on site.

The weekend offered the best conditions possible with sunshine and prime track conditions.

With the event taking place as central as it can get in Stockholm made for a great atmosphere with a lot of people turning up to watch.

The track was only 50 seconds long so it was quite obvious that racing would be very tight and there would be no room for misstakes if you wanted a shot at winning.

Niklas came in as reigning champ from last year eager to defend his title and at the same time Robin wanted nothing but taking it back from his brother.

Both Niklas and Robin came into the race a bit out of shape as both of them were still nursing the flu they picked up in Slovenia so it was not going to be an easy race even with the track being that short.

The format of the race was a bit different to normal, instead of qualifying & finals it was 2 runs where only the best run counted so everyone could just go flat out with no worries.

Robin started early as he missed out on last years race. He put in a stormer of a run in his first run with a 43.92.

Niklas started last and put in a good effort but felt like he might have held back a little scoring 2nd place with a 45.88.

In the 2nd run things were obviously looking good for a first & 2nd for the team.
Robin wanted to go faster then in his first run but had a little error and was unable to better his time.

-"I felt like i HAD to win so i gave it what i had in both runs but in my 2nd one i messed up a little so i had to sit & wait to see what my first run would be good for"-said Robin

Starting ahead of Niklas was Oliwer Kangas who bettered his time and went into 2nd place with a 45.02.and Alexander Kangas was then sitting 3rd with a 45.57 so pressure was on.

Niklas was able to better his time but unable to beat Robin & Oliwer he had to settle for 3rd with a 45.10 0.07 from 2nd.

-"I am a bit bummed that i made a little misstake in my 2nd run that might have costed me a win or a 2nd but at the same time i am happy to be able to still finish 3rd and get a medal"- Said Niklas

We are happy to end the season like this and now head into preperations for next year.

Thanks everone for your support.